■ This information can become rapidly dated or obsolete, depending on circumstances, and websites can disappear from the internet.
   ■ Websites from Portuguese Government Agencies and Institutions
   ■ On investments, trade, and tourism from Ministry of Economy: http://www.portugal.org
   ■ On cultural events, calendars, online version of periodical Agenda Cultural (Lisbon's Câmara Municipal): http://www.cm-lisboa.pt
   ■ Search engine and catalogue of Portuguese webpages by category, such as museums, and entertainment: http://www.sapo.pt [SAPO=Servidor de Apontadores Portugueses]
   ■ Biblioteca Nacional de Lisboa website: http://www.bn.pt [links to online catalogue of BNL: PORBASE]
   ■ National archives website: http://iantt.pt
   ■ Websites for Portuguese daily newspapers online (including Jornal de Notícas, Público, Avante, and Correio da Manhã): Publico's website: http://www.publico.com
   ■ Websites of Leading Political Parties: PSD: http://www.psd.pt PS: http://www.ps.pt PCP: http://www.pcp.pt PP: http://partido-popular.pt
   ■ Websites of Interest from Former Colonies
   ■ On Macau: http://www.macau.ctm.net/
   ■ On Mozambique: Eduardo Mondlane University website, Maputo: http://www.uem.mz Link to Mozambique's webpage and libraries:
   ■ On Angola: Republic of Angola website: http://www.angola.org On Cape Verde Islands:
   ■ On East Timor: East Timor Action Network: etan-outreach\@igc.apc.org [New York base] etan-dc\@igc.apc.org [Washington, DC base]
   ■ Portuguese Pousadas (State-run Inns) www.pousadas.pt

Historical dictionary of Portugal 3rd ed.. . 2014.

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